Stokes Valley Fire Station: 374 Stokes Valley Road, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Out in the Community: Stokes Valley Christmas Parade 2011
Training: Co-ordinated water attack
Stokes Valley Fire Station open day

About S.V.V.F.B.

Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade has been serving the communities of Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt since 1940. We're pleased to also be part of the global community here on the World Wide Web. You can also find us on FacebookTwitter and Flickr.

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Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade and the fire district it manages are part of Region 3 of the New Zealand Fire Service.

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Have you ever considered becoming a volunteer firefighter?

We Need Volunteers

If you live within close proximity of a fire station that has a volunteer crew and if you meet certain other criteria, The New Zealand Fire Service would like to hear from you.

If you are a Stokes Valley resident, please contact us for further information.

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Celebrating '50 flaming years'

The Upper Hutt Leader
27th March 1990

Celebrating 39;50 flaming years39;

These Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade members are gearing up to celebrate the brigade's 50th anniversary this Easter.

Celebrations will include a parade of past and present fire appliances and publication of a booklet appropriately titled "Fifty Flaming Years". The brigade started as a band of residents who saw a need for a fire service in the rural valley dotted with farm houses to fight house and bush fires.

Today the brigade has 21 members, two engines and is in its third station building, currently towards the top of Stokes Valley Road.

Random Facts & Stats

Closest fire station with paid firefighters
Avalon Fire Station (Station 41)
955 High St, Avalon, Lower Hutt
(7.8Kms by road, or 3.3 Kms as the crow flies)


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Pre-registration for next year’s 75th Jubilee dinner now open (for former brigade members only).
Total number of call-outs for November 2013: 20 Year-to-date total (to 30/11/2013): 149
Lots of good photos from Wednesday night’s training exercise now up on Flickr!
Total number of call-outs for September 2013: 6 Year-to-date total (to 30/09/2013): 112
Total number of call-outs for August 2013: 13 See our website for more detailed info.
Total number of Call-Outs for July 2013: 15 See our website for more detailed info.
After a MASSIVE update, Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade's website is officially back online!
K99 house fire late last night. Article here:
For a "sneak peek" at our newly updated website (still a work in progress!) log in with "demo" as the username & pwd.
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